Testimonials: Training

"Jennifer is one of the most dynamic and effective speakers we have had train our sales force. She brings life to her subject and adds considerable value and credibility to her portfolio. My sales team was engaged, invigorated on the brands and walked away with great key sales nuggets. Jennifer brought a tremendous level of professionalism to her presentation and that coupled with the style of her presentation which encouraged group participation made our meeting a huge success. They are still talking about it months later." - Jonathan Goldstein, President / CEO, Brescome Barton Distributors, CT

“We conduct many educational training for our sales force and Jennifer’s entertaining style with her credentials set her apart. She provides an arsenal of compelling features and benefits, unique selling points versus competitors, and a broad industry perspective that our team can quickly translate into sales pitches. Her presentations are comprehensive and speak a targeted message to approach a broad range of buyers from the wine geek buyer to the deal junkie to the savvy pro” - Scott McKee, Director of Marketing, Republic National Distributing Company, FL

“Becoming a Master of Wine requires not only academic knowledge but also a true understanding of the business of wine. I had the opportunity to hear Jennifer speak to our sales force in San Francisco where she discussed the Champagne market. In a captivating and entertaining style, she not only lectured about Champagne production but addressed real-world concerns encountered by our sales force in the field. Of particular value were her specific comparisons of Champagne's grower-producers and Grand Marque house producers. Our sales force took away practical knowledge which prepared them to handle real objections with very difficult and demanding buyers. Jennifer's sales trainings were tailored to suit the needs of our team.” - Geoff Labitzke MW, Corporate Vice President of Fine Wines, Young's Market Company, CA

"Jennifer did a fantastic job training on wine and spirits for the Young's Alliance Division. She was very informative, enthusiastic, engaging, and effective. The comments from the distributor were that she was excellent, extremely knowledgeable, her timing was great and they learned a lot! The Young's executive management said we were head and shoulders above the other distributors in terms of training and expertise." - Erik Rundberg, Vice President District Manager, Remy Cointreau USA, CA

“Jennifer is one of the best speaker's I have had the pleasure of listening to and learning from. She can engage her audience like know one else she is captivating, professional and down to earth. Jennifer is dedicated, pro-active and has endless energy and enthusiasm for what she believes in. She has accomplished something that so many have tried and failed or have not made the effort to learn all there is to know about wine! She is divine!” - Carla Nichols, Prestige Wine Cellars, TX

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