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The One Minute Wine Master
All it takes is a minute to master wine! In this fun yet sophisticated guide, world wine authority Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan shows you how simple it can be to figure out which wines will please your palate. Just take the quick and easy flavor test, and Simonetti will lead you through the thicket of choices and point you to the ones you'll like best. No fuss, no memorization, and no fancy language required!


Pairing with the Masters
Certified Master Chef Ken Arnone and Master of Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan bring their unmatched expertise and insider secrets to this one-of-a-kind book to enlighten professionals, enthusiasts, and novices alike. From simple classics to the complex and modern, nearly 100 recipes demonstrate varied cooking techniques, discuss flavor profiles, and outline the appropriate steps for choosing accompanying wines. More than a list of pairings, PAIRING WITH THE MASTERS: A DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO FOOD AND WINE, 1ST Edition delves into the decision-making process, illustrating why certain combinations work and some don't, how to avoid common pitfalls, and imparting the skills necessary for you to develop successful food and wine pairings on your own.

The Everyday Guide to Wine
Whether you're a novice looking to master the basics, an enthusiast who tours vineyards, or something in between, there's no better way to learn about wine than from a wine expert— someone who has an authoritative knowledge of wine in all its glorious breadth and depth. Now, The Everyday Guide to Wine brings this rare opportunity right into your home with 24 engaging lectures delivered by acclaimed Master of Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan—one of only 32 Americans to hold this coveted title. In her interactive and accessible course she gives you all the knowledge and tips you need to build your understanding of—and improve your ability to try, buy, talk about, and, most of all, enjoy—the world of wine.
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The Everyday Guide to Wines of California
In 1976, a single event rocked the wine world. In the famed Judgment of Paris Tasting, top French wine experts chose two unknown wines over the best that France —long considered the epitome of great winemaking—had to offer. The source of those remarkable wines? California. The Everyday Guide to Wines of California is an authoritative introduction—one enhanced by visits to California wineries, interactive tastings, tips on food pairings, and green screen technology that transports Ms. Simonetti-Bryan (and you) to the regions being explored. Completing this course is a wholly unique way to elevate the quality of every sip you take of California’s finest wines.
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The Everyday Guide to Wines of Italy
More than 2,000 years before the first California wine, before the first growths of Bordeaux and the luxury of champagne, there was Italy. Wine has been part of Italian culture, rituals, their very DNA, and everyday lives from ancient times. Today, thousands of years later, it remains one of the largest producers of wines in the world. With a certified Master of Wine as your guide, you will embark on a delicious, interactive tasting tour through this beautiful, romantic, and mysterious country. You will taste styles of wines that have changed little since antiquity, explore how wines are intended to be paired with their local cuisine, and experience iconic wines that turned the world on its head, bringing quality wine to new heights. This course will transport you and transform you palette, as you experience Italy without ever having to buy a plane ticket.
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The Everyday Guide to Wines of France
Grab a glass and join acclaimed Master of Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan on a fascinating six-lecture tour of the best wines that France has to offer with The Everyday Guide to Wines of France. What makes French wines stand out from their international counterparts? How does the varied landscape of France shape and influence what’s in your wine glass? Why do French wines command such respect from culinary experts and casual drinkers? These intriguing questions and more are answered in a journey packed with interactive wine tastings, food and wine pairing demonstrations, practical tips and suggestions for shopping and gift giving, and more.
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The Everyday Guide to Spirits and Cocktails: Tastes and Traditions
In the six interactive lectures of The Everyday Guide to Spirits and Cocktails: Tastes and Traditions, join acclaimed expert Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, a Certified Specialist of Spirits, as she demystifies the world's most popular spirits and shows you how to discover your own personal preferences, make classic cocktail recipes just like a master mixologist, and use little-known insider tips and techniques for tasting and shopping for spirits. Taking you around the world from the comfort of your living room, these dynamic lectures feature fun and interactive tastings, illuminating interviews with industry experts, engaging footage that captures expert bartenders in action, virtual tours through the production process of spirits, and much more.
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