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Enjoy Wine without Uncorking
A wine device that allows you to taste wine without having to pull the cork. It involves a thin hollow needle being inserted into the bottle and then creating pressure and flushing with argon, an inert gas. Before, during and after this video, I did blind tasting trials with Greg.

Quality of Wine Series: Wine Integration
What is wine integration? You could call it a quality parameter. Jennifer grabs the yogurt and fruit and breaks it down to every day speak.

Quality of Wine Series: Finesse
What is all the finesse about? Jennifer defines her “aha” moment over a bottle of Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc.

Quality of Wine Series: Length Vs. Finish
Length and finish, although used interchangeably, are actually quite different. Jennifer takes us through the breakdown of when the terms are appropriate.

Quality of Wine Series: It's all Relative
Balance is already tricky with sugars and tannins working together towards perfect harmony. Now, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, MW throws in the matter of subjectivity. What exactly does that mean? In a nutshell, everyone’s palate is different. But don’t take our word for it. Simonetti-Bryan is the expert!

Quality of Wine Series: Balancing Act
Grab your Pinot Grigio, lemon and vodka so you can join Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, MW, as she explains the importance of balance in wine. Not only will you begin to fully understand this judging component but Simonetti-Bryan guides you through a component tasting so you can train your palate before your next big wine tasting event.

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